Sermon Recordings

Family Matters Sermon Series

  1. A relationship Designed by God – Pastor Guy Shaw
  2. Biblical wisdom for the family – Pastor Guy Shaw
  3. The Incredible Influence of a Godly Mother  Pastor Guy Shaw


Mei 2016

A final look at John

April 2016

Do you Love Me enough to want to Serve Me?

Guest, Neil Miles

The requirements of fruitful service

March 2016

Five Clear evidences the Jesus rose from the dead

Jesus our King and His Kingdom

A worthy calling

Staying Faithful to Jesus

February 2016

Jesus Supreme Over All Things

Jesus prays for our unity

In the world but not worldly

The real Lord’s prayer

January 2016

Journeying to Joy

The work of the Holy Spirit

God’s heart for UBC

Guest Pastor Denzel

Guest pastor

December 2015

Having a right Christmas

The Perfect Gift

Wise men still seek Him

Can you take the heat?

The Priority of Abiding in Christ

November 2015

Jesus the vine

Knowing peace and joy when your life is troubled

The Promised Holy Spirit

Praying in Jesus name, a greater goal

October 2015

God’s cure for a troubled heart

 Guest Pastor Denzil Tyron

 Love like Jesus does

September 2015

         John Blanchard Why are we here

        Two roads, two different destinations

       “We want to see Jesus!”

Why do you follow Jesus

Extravagant love or foolish devotion?

August 2015

Death The Final Frontier

Making time count for eternity

What about suffering?

9_08_2015_ Charles

The Good Shepherd

July 2015

Jesus…the door to abundant life!

A missionaries perspective

Open the eyes of my heart

The marks of true children of God

June 2015

True Freedom

Jesus, the Light of the world

The saviour and the sinner

7_06_2015_Charles Taylor

May 2015

Respond to the bread of life

Hellenistic Ministries

Bread of Life

Don’t be afraid, I’m here!

Jesus meets every need but how?

April 2015

Can I have a witness

Healed for holiness

Believing and trusting in Jesus beyond times of crises

Good Friday

March 2015


15_03_2015_Guy Shaw


1_03_2015_Guy Shaw

February 2015


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